Saturday, December 23, 2006

FDV Forum

The students of FDV have a forum at Now this is a great thing, because its a place where the students can go and socialize online and exchange views and find out things. But there is one thing that is wrong with it. Actually the problem is more with the students that visit it. Some students post questions about exams, seminar papers and similar things. I know, because I did the same thing a couple of times.
Now sometimes you get the correct answer to what you need, then again sometimes you get a myriad of different answers. What I wanted to say is don't ask things that are vital to the course and continuation of your study. Call the faculty, call the professor, or even better, if you have the chance to, go to the professor and find out the things that interest you... you cant miss that way. Do not put your trust into others (especially students), find things out for yourself. It is the only way to be sure that the info you are getting is correct and reliable. Unless you are totally sure that the student is reliable and trustworthy. Do not be gullible.
For a particular exam last year, a script was posted on the forum. And of course it seemed pretty good, so a lot of people studied from that script and skipped all the books and other references given by the professor. The number of people who failed the exam was staggering. Until the third try, the professor came to the exam and said: "I heard that a lot of you are studying from a script, well let me tell you its all wrong, so if you studied from the script for this exam, too bad... you are going to fail." Now I think what the professor said is totally correct. Instead of going to him after the first time they failed, people continued to study from the flawed script. I was among those student. Now I call the professors, or I go to them before the exam, because I want to be sure that what I am studying is right, that I am doing my seminar paper correctly, to check the date when the paper is due and a number of other things. They wont mind... whats more, they will appreciate the effort you put into preparing for whatever it is you are preparing for.

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